Sometimes you wish things could just float away.

Write memories on paper, and place them on leaves to float down the river.

x to pick up, z to drop,  wasd or arrow keys to move, space to jump. blue cursor indicates object can be picked up.  If you pick up a paper and don't want to write on it, hit enter/submit to exit that screen.

update jan 25: 

  • text works
  • playable in browser

[in development](can't build boats yet]


let it float away.mp3 2 MB
let it float 18 MB
let it float away 24 MB

Development log


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As a game dev my self, this was interesting. Nice use of the FPS controller.  

I had a real quick play and it was really nice. Visit fourtpixels page. He's done something along these lines and has produced some great projects.



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I like it, very peaceful, i did a review of it along with some other fabulous itch games, i hope you don't mind

Thank you so much!! That's really cool that you show small games like mine.  I'm glad you liked the music, and gave it attention despite it's incompleteness (as of now I think text works btw).  Thanks again tho!

My pleasure, thanks for making such an interesting concept, I'll have a go with the text!

Hello, i downloaded it but it won't run.

Hi, sorry about that!  If you downloaded the PC version, I don't have a PC and was unable to test it.  However, I realized that I just uploaded the exe and not the data, so I packaged them and reuploaded it.  Hopefully, it should work now?

No need to apologise! Aces...I'll give it a whirl tonight